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I’m a new kind of mortgage broker, using terms you understand and treating you like a member of the family. When you’re my client – you come first.

Some of the rates offered by our fabulous lender partners

*5 year term, 25 year amortization with less than 20% down or more than 35% down (high ratio or high down payment)

Blueprint Mortgage Mortgage Mom

5 year fixed

First National A Lender

5 year variable/adjustable

As of June 5th 2024 Canada’s prime rate is 6.95% with most financial institutions

Policies & Services

Transparent & Honest

No hidden fees. No hidden details.
Everything out in the open, as it should be. I work for you, and will ensure that I match you with the mortgage products that work for your lifestyle & goals. Have Questions?

First Time Home Buyers

I’m here to help you right from the start, all the way until you have your keys in your hands. I walk WITH you through the process, educating along the way to make sure you are confident with your purchase.

Education & Client First

I have an educational philosophy – I believe that a mortgage isn’t just “sign here” – I want my clients to understand why picking specific terms, or products matter more than others.

Renewals & Refinance

Renegotiating your existing mortgage to get you better terms, or a better product, consolidate some debts, or maybe even a Line of Credit for you to do those home renovations you want to do.

Fast Pre-Qualifications

Fast pre-qualifications because I know that time matters. Documents up front mean that when you’re ready to put in an offer on that perfect home, submission to a lender and approval won’t be far behind.

Investment Properties

Interested in getting and investment property to earn a return on the investment, either through rental income, the future resale of the property, or both? That’s something I can help you with.

Quick & Easy Mortgage Calculations

Click the picture below to take you to many more calculators with even more powerful options.

mortgage calculator BC

What clients say

Iron Butterfly
September 5, 2023
I have used multiple mortgage broker's services over the years and never found one I would go back to until now! Kerri gets the job done, even for the craziest and most impossible situations. Our mortgage needs were very complex due to disability and high debt. Kerri got us pre-approved when no one else could and even got us the best rate in the market. For once we were feeling like our credit worthiness was being rewarded instead of being penalized. Kerri managed to find a mortgage that rewarded us for having a good payment history even if we had carried high debt loads which brought down our credit score. I will recommend Kerri to anyone shopping for a mortgage whether you are just starting out and have no idea how everything works or if you have had multiple mortgages or your are looking to invest. Don't go mortgage shopping unless you have Kerri on your side! Kerri we will be your clients for life!
Phill Martin
August 26, 2023
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kerri was absolutely the best choice for this job. She was incredibly knowledgeable, prompt, super responsive and went over and above what was required of her. She was always helpful and ensured she took the time to explain everything to us in a way we could understand. She sent us all the information we needed to make informed decisions and was incredibly fast with her replies when we had questions. She connected with our realtor and sent all required documents as soon as they were required. Kerri was pleasant, has a great sense of humour and made our transaction enjoyable. We would not hesitate to recommend Kerri to anyone!​
Cam Sloan
August 1, 2023
It was great working with Kerri. She put a lot of effort into getting us good rates and helping us to figure out the pricing for a variety of purchasing scenarios we were looking at. As our circumstances changed, she helped provide us with updated numbers / pre-approval numbers. Her communication was generally quite fast and effective.
Cooper Worobetz
July 26, 2023
Kerri did a phenomenal job holding my hand through the process of getting my first mortgage, and was able to explain all of the complex terminology that you need to understand. She was responsive to my emails, and was able to communicate with all of the involved parties to ensure the sale went as smooth as possible. Thank you Kerri!
January 22, 2023
I found Kerri to be very personable and kept me updated throughout the process.
November 28, 2022
Kerri was very honest and helpful with the entire process. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner and was just absolutely fabulous to work with. She provided me with all the necessary knowledge to guide me through my first time home buying experience. She made the experience very easy and enjoyable. If I had any questions, I could call or text her and she would be there to help us right away. We were first time home buyers and had an exceeding long journey to find our new home. Kerri continuously went above and beyond for us. She spent the time to walk us through each step and ensure all options were clearly laid out. We would have no hesitation to recommend her.
Cole Ferencz
June 29, 2022
We had an impossible mortgage situation due to the way the lender's perceived our employment (self employed and new job on a one year contract). Our previous attempts basically resulted in us being told there was very little chance of us getting a mortgage. Kerri told us right away she didn't think it would be an issue and not only found us lenders to work with but ultimately found us an A lender which we didn't think would be possible.
Kylie Van Eaton
January 29, 2022
Kerri is a very helpful and knowledgeable broker, who is quick to follow up and easy to relate to. She knows her job well and provides timely information.
November 17, 2021
Kerri was great to work with! In a world where everything has gone to online only it was really nice to have her so responsive! Quickly texting back and explaining everything as we went. Will definitely use her again!
Jeremy Kulyk
October 31, 2021
My mom just moved into her new house and was able to obtain a mortgage through Kerri Carter. Kerri continuously went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we were taken care of in the best possible way. Kerri provides the best service I have seen in the industry and goes the extra mile each and every time. She is now going to be working with my brother to help him with his mortgage and debt needs. I will hire her again and again! I cannot say enough about this amazing women. She is truly one of a kind and is highly recommend!!

Just some of the fabulous lenders we work with

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